the bag lady returns

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Once upon a time, back when i handstitched bags and purses from old pairs of jeans and rainbow colours of embroidery thread and sold them on the streets of Europe…i earned the name ‘the bag lady’…in the nicest possible way i am sure. I was reminded of that moniker the other week as i put together a line of bags in time for last month’s Kraftbomb. I am a little bit in love with the process of coming up with a new design. From seizing an idea, wrestling into reality and laying it out, finished on my crafting table…whether it be bag, cape, trousers or dress…just so satisfying. I am really enjoying that barkcloth monk bag. Simple design but it falls well across the body. Ah, yes, i had to make myself one too. Not that i needed another bag. Ahem. Something about the print of the barkcloth and the vintage corduroy that just sings out to me. Aren’t we textile enthusiasts a peculiar bunch? This is the Little Red Riding Hood library tote.

That vintage corduroy print is just brilliant. It’s a children’s theme but the colours (er, and perhaps the wolf’s tongue hanging out) make it seem slightly gothic.

Not sure if Red Riding Hood and the barkcloth bag are going on etsy or possibly the mythical GrowMama shop that i ‘own’ but have not stocked yet.

(Oh yes, I am on a mission at the moment. More about that soon)

This was for Aunty Brenda’s birthday. The colour reminded me of her and i had been saving the inner lining (aka a new vintage pillowcase) for a special project.

I made rosette flowers out of some vintage ribbon and buttons from my stash. First attempt. I think, next time i need to tack down the edges of the petals as well as sewing the centre of the flower to the bag.

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