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As well as i manage trawling charity shops and sewing our own clothes, eating delicious from our garden/local where possible and as rich as i feel our simple life is…we still need money.
So! To cobble together an income from the heart, based largely from home so i can continue to be the mama i want to be. What i am thinking about: Writing more articles (watch out for my article in the soon-to-be released and very wonderful Extracurricular magazine), sewing up a storm and hitting more markets with my creations, figuring out etsy and using trademe and possibly dive back into giving workshops.
I need to learn better how to value my work and feel comfortable putting a price on my time and skills. Though I like to think i will always be open to trading and operate a negotiable sliding scale. (Afterall, this is the woman who worked her magic organising, campaigning, public speaking and workshop presenting for almost ten years mostly pro bono for international environmental or social projects she believed most fervently in. Er, yes, I lived out of a backpack alot of this time.) And, just quietly, somewhere in the last few years my self confidence has taken a dive. A fairly big one. Yes, me. Looking into that.

I have been at the Piha Labour Day markets and Kraftbomb in the last month and have launched the next round of market applications…who knew it was such a dog-eat-dog world out there in craftselling land? There is a colourful pile of new market/etsy store sewing in my to-do pile, i can’t seem to stop cutting out or dreaming up new patterns. Wish me luck. Link to this blog, talk me up, send me your writing jobs, place your orders etc etc.

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    So many good wishes to you as you embark on these new and expanding efforts, Anissa. 🙂 I'm hoping to do the same in the coming year as well. I'd do it now, but I have lots of plans for handmade gift-giving this holiday season and I don't think I'll have the time to dedicate to the shop until all of that is over.

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