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Crazy about building machines, but equally into bellies, babies and birth this small one. But the belly love is another story/blogpost.
J can spot a digger, tractor, steamroller, crane or concrete mixer from miles away. This one was right on our flightpath down by the beach.
Nothing like hands on experience of the real thing.

That night Jed had a flannel fabric with building machines on it that his godmother had given him. He was learning to use scissors, we ended up cutting machines out. I pulled out his felt board and we created a work scene. We made loads for each digger to carry, a big pile of earth, then, after a conversation about the potential destructive nature of the like of diggers and bulldozers, we added trees and later animals. Flannel, or fabric with a rougher texture or furry texture worked best.

I think these would be great on a long journey. Right now, it’s buying me a little time at the craft table.
I just did a search for felt board tutorials and came up with this basic one and this more fancy easel one for a classroom.
I’ll be coming up with other feltboard themes in the future. I like the idea of cutting out a bunch of shapes and using them to do art with.

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    Great idea – we have a felt board from something else – might have to cut up my hippy caravan bus flannel fabric etc and see what happens – thanks again for the inspiration! Max is the same with tractors, trains, etc.

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