snapshots of a wintry day

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A handful of vintage button deliciousness from Lets Go Retro. My treat. Dreaming up which project these will adorn.

The vastness of beach to ourselves and the wind. I think we are down here as much during the winter as in summer. Bundled up, eyes afire and laughing into the wind.

The best crop of chickweed (Stellaria Media) possibly ever. We’re both munching out on this winter tonic green daily. So yum. And the bonus? My body just sings YES.

Ahem, a little balance to the green? We used mostly wholemeal flour, does that help?! Fiddly, rolling out the dough again and again but Jed loves using those cookie cutters. So do i.
I have a backlog of posts brewing in my mind and photos languishing in my blog pix folder. I am hoping life conspires to provide the peace to bring them to you. She says after waking up for the day at 4.30am courtesy of a certain small one. Last night i tried, i spent an hour trying to post for you and ended up losing it to a glitch in Blogger. Tonight just one photo failed to manifest. Things are looking up!

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