Synchronicity and signs

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From ‘our’ orchard.

Cool tractor and the kind family that runs the orchard (and has done for three generations) is more than happy for J to have a ‘drive’. Happiness.
The last few days i have dreamed up a project that will help me use all my oddball skills, burning passions and help integrate the sometimes wildly divergent (and sometimes simply wild) chapters of my beautifully crowded life so far.
This morning i woke racked with self-doubt. I put out a call to the universe if you will, for a sign that i was on the right path i guess. It just tumbled out of my mouth at 5.30am, i had no idea it was lurking.
‘The universe’ was quiet for most of the day and then spoke through two unexpected places. This evening i was talking to my aunt – i was multi- tasking, up to my elbows in golden delicious apple peel, glancing at one of my nana’s recipes, expecting the usual familial catch up. I was blown away to hear that she, my much loved nana and greataunt used to come out west to the very same orchard that Jed and i love so much, to pick the very same varieties we love. Of all the orchards this was ‘their’ orchard, just as it is ‘ours’. They’d make a day of it, stock up, haul it all back home to deepest south Auckland and spend the rest of the day chopping, peeling, boiling and preserving. No wonder i feel at home there. I loved my nana very much, i learnt to bake and preserve at her apron strings and knowing she walked those same paths, picking from these very same trees is an enormous gift to me.
Then…in case i hadn’t got the message…a bottle of dessert wine landed on the table as a gift. Now i am not a wine snob or even an aficionado by any means, but i do love to buy local and have a relationship with the food i eat and wine i drink. Closer inspection revealed it to be a bottle of Banyuls Grand Cru. From the very same local vineyard that i used to buy from when i lived in St Laurent de Cerdans, France just up the mountain from the vineyard valley. Not only that, but i left in 2001, before that year’s vintage and i was sad to miss it as it was rumoured to be a good year. Not knowing any of this, the bottle this friend gave is a 2001 Banyuls Grand Cru.
Call me an oddball but i am heading out to find a mountaintop to shout, ‘Okay universe, despite my challenges, i am doing okay, i get it!’

‘um, how about some sleep?’

  1. Hi Growmama,
    We have many synchronicities. Come take a peek.

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