re-life,upcycle, re-use – love those words

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A merino jumper becomes…

…a pair of racing stripe merino leggings for a small one.

I love this upcycling milarky…those trousers took no time at all to make and are perfect for small gentleman pirates. One men’s size merino top turned into one pair of leggings and one pair of lounge pants. I used every existing seam possible. ‘Mmmm, soft, comfy and delicious’ -Jed Isaac upon trying them on.

This cotton long sleeved t shirt has morphed into a ruffle top tunic dress and leggings for small people as yet unidentified. Excuse my cutting table clutter.

A sneak preview of the merino loungepants. This is the back, so small one knows which is the back when he’s getting himself dressed. I appliqued snippets of a vintage print. I have an admission to make. I’m a bit terrible when i sew for me and Jed. Sometimes i come up with a polished french seamed heirloom piece….er, but most often i wing it, flying around with half drawn ideas, a pair of scissors and use whatever colour cotton comes closest to being a match instead of waiting like a domestic goddess would, until i could buy the perfect match. Ahem. But! The results are utterly cute, get many comments, are hardwearing and get the nod of approval from my most discerning two year old customer. (With just the very occasional got-it-wrong piece Jed may need therapy for when he views the family album in his teenage years)
It has to be said though…my seat of the pants creations for my nearest and dearest are a far cry from the polished pieces of the work i sell. There, i said it. Quite possibly more therapy? Meh!

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