lavender magic

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I am so grateful I have the knowledge and skills to heal myself and those close to me. This is what it used to be like before we gave away responsibility for our heath to others. First aid used to be just that, what we could do immediately. Look around, what plant is there to help in this moment? What is there in the kitchen? That kinda thing.

Yesterday i burnt myself badly. You know how it goes, hungry hour, tired mama…I grabbed the handle of the cast iron skillet fresh out of the oven. I had forgotten how much burns hurt.
But. In the midst of pain i was so touched by Jed’s response. Gentle touch and the loving question, ‘what can i do to help you mama?’. I sent him to the medicine cabinet (See above) for the lavender essential oil. Every kitchen needs a wee bottle of lavender essential oil. It is pure magic for burns.

Burn: Run under cold flowing water 5-10 minutes. Apply lavender essential oil liberally. Allow to dry and reapply every hour until bedtime. I also added St Johnswort oil to the mix. The sting started fading almost immediately. And speaking from the next day, when that burn should have been a raw sore mess…it’s not. It’s well on its way to healing. I repeat, i am so grateful i have the knowledge to heal.
You can too. Managing yours and your families health is part of your birthright.
I’ll be back with copies of my Plants as Medicine Handbook to give away. Right now, i am in desperate need of sleep.

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