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Finances don’t quite stretch to getting contact cards designed and printed yet. I whipped up a set myself. I bought the white standard cards from the stationers and am using the teeny weeny but still beautiful scraps of vintage fabric as decoration. Handwriting the rest. Perfect work to do in small snatches with small people whirling about the environ…

Just like the things i make and sell, these are each unique and are most definitely ‘anissa flavoured’. People love them so much i’ve started making some to sell as gift cards.

GIVEAWAY: I am giving away copies of my plants as medicine handbook this week. I believe strongly in our birthright to have the basic plant medicine knowledge and maintain our own health and wellbeing through the plants that grow around us and common kitchen ingredients.
My plants as medicine handbook is a handy fifteen page booklet covering the following:
– History of plant use in medicine and why use plants to heal you and your family.
– Gathering, drying and storing plants. Or buying.
– How to use them. Preparing teas, infusions, tinctures, poultices…
– Ten common plant profiles: comfrey, chamomile, calendula, nettle, peppermint, plantain, red clover, sage, thyme and yarrow. (These are readily available in NZ, North America and Europe)
– Treating common complaints: from colds to toothache and everything in between.
– Using essential oils at home.
The booklet will give you the confidence to try natural remedies for those niggly ailments we mama’s encounter and the satisfaction of doing the best you can to keep you and your family in optimum health. Remember to consult a professional for diagnosis or if you are worried.
Contact me through my profile page here on the blog or leave a comment (making sure i can contact you through your comment) and i’ll post one out to you. Those of you who have done a Plants as Medicine workshop with me and would like another copy for a friend, that’s fine too. I’ll post internationally. Enjoy!

  1. Lisa
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    I love your cards. What a great idea!
    I'd love a copy of your Plans As medicine handbook!

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