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From the brown paper design and pattern making….

…to the finished product.
I am very fond of corduroy and of my various odd bits of vintage barkcloth and thought i would try putting the two together. It’s a work in progress, this bag design. I had meant it more as a handbag for mama escaping alone moments but it is a mama sack. By that i mean a necessarily voluminous bag for changes of childrens clothes, food, general mayhem making or avoiding supplies. I am pleased with my experiment. Less time passing between the conception stage and the actual making of the piece would be good. Then i might remember what all those vital notes and wild diagrams might mean BEFORE i sew. Happily i like the result and learnt bucketloads along the way.
I have worked out that it is easier for some folks to use a bag with re-purposed or vintage fabric. You can put it down and pretend it’s someone else’s if it feels too edgy. I have three bag patterns (all my own design) for the next market stall. Lined tote bag, handbag and mama sack. Quite possibly, a new name for the ‘mama sack’ might aid sales!
Inside…pocket for phone and keys and lining made from a favourite vintage sheet.
Still toying with the idea of vintage button closure..not sure, the bag is hanging in my ‘studio’ corner of the room awaiting decision.
I just visited soulemama and found a link to this blog. Kind over matter. Do you need a dose of feel-good?(I did) A little shake up and wake up? (yup, that too)Some gems in kind over matter…what a great thing to give to the world. Ain’t blogland grand?

  1. Claire
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    I LOVE this bag!! Seriuosly LOVE it, I want one! How can I have a Mama Sack? Lovely, lovely….. I have a feeling tho that I don't live near your market stall….. 🙂

    Claire (PS) thanks for commenting on my blog)

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