all in a day’s work

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Listening to stories. Deeply.

Cooking. Big favourite around here.

Painting has to be done nude. It begins with a paintbrush, on paper, but don’t be fooled…this is how it turns out! Happiness.

I was feeling pleased with myself, I set Jed up to shuck beans while i got on with dinner. Even made a chute to make it more fun. Lasted about five minutes. Meh!

Not pictured is the experiment where an entire jar of dried yeast was mixed into ‘cooking’ and left to see how many bubbles or ‘creatures’ would come.
Also not pictured is the scrubbing of decks after aforesaid mix was mixed and splashed all over then baked hard by the sun.

Naptime (and procrastinating from writing a submission) had me stumble across two new blogs i really like. One a friend sent to me because it came up in an online search she did on my name. Shira from Shirari Industries comments on an article i wrote for Communities Magazine in the US. Reading your writing paraphrased by someone else is so odd! Her blog post was entitled ‘exuberant nudity’. Oh it seems a looong time since i left Twin Oaks Community.
And this delicious piece of vintage sewing bloggy heaven. Peter Lappin’s blog, male pattern boldness.
That man’s seams are just too good to be true, surely!
Oh, how i love it.

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