beachy keen – day two

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I have missed my long evening walks since Jed was born. These glorious late summer evenings are shrinking and i am determined to get out in them. SO! Into the stroller he goes with favourite books and puppy. The mama striding in the sunshine until the dusk…along the beach and back. Bliss. Jed reciting the names of all his friends who were in bed already. Talking about the day between books and wildlife spotting.
It felt good to bust out of our evening routine and do something fresh.

A keen babywearer, I hardly used the stroller for the first year and a half. This photo was taken along the road…it was good surf and all these crusty surfers were cruising by, oohing at Jed…one slowed right down and said ” hey, dude, what are you reading?”. Jed replied, ‘my baby book – look, here is baby coming out the yoni”. I do believe he spluttered and drove off without a word. Pretty funny.

Jed is really into bellies, babies, birth and the idea of a little brother or sister.
Looking for a great kids book about homebirth?
Hello Baby by Jenni Overend!

That, or perusing some of the other headlines will disillusion anyone who still buys into the NZ 100% pure clean and green media myth. Don’t get me wrong, i love this country (i came back after 16 years didn’t i?), it is full of beauty. Full. That beauty is just juxtaposed with the same challenges most Western countries face. What shall we do about it, you and i?

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    You are so beautiful!

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