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This arrived in my letterbox today. The Organic NZ magazine is always a good read with the added attraction that I have another article on organic kids clothing in this, the Jan/Feb 2010 issue.

Ahhh, I remember writing it well. It was the last gasp of sleep deprivation. The minute i accepted this, a short deadline piece, a certain small person’s sleep went out the window. It was a shocker of a week. One of those classic up 3, 4, 5 times a night ones, when the day begins at 5.30am and ends somewhere beyond 8pm. I did phone interviews and research all week on this sleep deprivation, managed a somewhat decent sleep on the friday night, sat down to review my notes and the draft i’d written and laughed. Yup. An imbecile had been using my laptop. It was a stern lesson to me about how powerfully lack of sleep can affect our brains.

Anyway, i wrote it (thanks Meghan for reading over it to make sure i wasn’t totally incoherent…always good to have feedback) and here it is. In print. I like it. It is proof of what a sassy woman can do WITH SOME SLEEP in her. I like that it’s part of how i am starting the new year.

For those of you who have recently joined us…Jed has been a dream in so many ways and sleep has not been one of them. Scenario’s like the week described above have been the norm not the exception in the last few years. That is behind us now. There is a celebratory ‘YAY for sleep’ party planned for next month. A knees-up for mama’s and small ones alike.

A little aside: I forgot to say that the lovely purse you can see on the top of the tote i featured in yesterday’s blogpost is by Bella Threads. I snaffled it from her stall at the Nelson Markets. Check out her shop… loving her creations.

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