Imagination -it’s a beautiful thing

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Day one: a tractor!
I love the way Jed’s mind works. I love the way being with him changes the way i see the world.The world shifts, allows more light and possibility in, becomes more expansive and when his words fail him in explaining it, i love the way his hands and body enact what it is he sees or feels. I love the way he wants to bring me into see what he sees. My world is richer for him. So much richer. An upturned old wooden rocking chair in my room has been upside-down being a rescue boat for a few weeks. The other night Jed put this little chair and stool (these look familiar?) on the couch, started driving and called me over to ask ‘mama, where levers?’ It’s a tractor! All of his own making. I love it. All i said in response was, ‘hmmm, i wonder what you could use as a lever in here?’ and opened the kitchen utensil drawer.
Day two: dreaming on the job – levers in action

Day three: Our resident viking at work. This morning it was a fairy.

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