a freaky kind of tired

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In between the snuggles it’s been a rough few nights and last night was particularly hellish. This morning, after a rough night of not much sleep and much hurting of those last molars coming through, we had to cancel our big plans for the day. I was just too tired to drive safely over the hill to spend the day in town. Wise decision but much disappointment all round. Once we heard the sadness out, ‘oh mama, put cream on my sad bits’, we headed for the beach.

It was a freaky kind of tired until we got down there. You mama’s know the feeling –that soggy headed extremely sleep deprived brain and not being able to call in sick the next day.

Big sky. Healing sea. Lovely.Winter at its best. Tide was just coming in so we got to climb the rocks and splash in rockpools. We picked up some rubbish (i mean really people), made friends with our mama n jed shadow, found anenome’s that sucked on our fingertips, ,seaweed, YELLOW lichen, a horse to ride (large rock), sea snails, mussels, much wind and plenty of smiles. Feeling better. MUCH better!

yellow lichen on the horse

big sky and the SUN came out!

mama n jed

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