how lucky we are

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jed wanted to know if the cat would play with it…

checking the waves he says – small today
How lucky we are to chase the sun down the hill and be minutes away from such gloriousness. It was a challenging morning. A big sleep later we threw ourselves into adventure. Looked for crabs (yes, even though it was high tide it is imperative we look for crabs, starfish and jellyfish) and found harakeke stalks for walking sticks. We drew in the sand, picked up rubbish, chased and laughed, laughed and chased, fossicked (there’s that word again) at the waters edge, imagined being ‘seaweed’, watched a few surfers brave the cold to paddle out and Jed went running to meet up with baby Lola. She got SO many sweet kisses and touches. I wrote my stresses into the sand with our sticks and watched the sea wash it all away.
The challenges of the morning faded with the little boy loving and as the sunset flared wild over the sea. Phew.
adventure guy

We climbed up the lookout path, crazy steep and many stepped, to look out over the night creeping in over the hills. It feeds me this place. I love it here. Jed and i know it intimately and yet the faces of the land change daily, hourly and there is always something new. Am i totally crazy to be thinking about moving on from this magical place? Am i?!
I remember when i was leaving the French Pyrenees for pastures unknown. A friend said ‘You’re crazy. How can you leave such a beautiful place?’ I replied, ‘Finding beauty has not been a problem in my life so far’. It’s true, i have experienced truly breathtaking beauty…in places, people, projects and often in the most unexpected moments. I hope i can stay open to that continuing.

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    indeed, the problem has not been finding beauty. i remember it vividly from the ruins of the social cultural center and looking into your eyes in the adjacent gutter.

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