Sitting still

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I just sat still. Yep, pulled my rickety ole rocking chair over to the patch of winter sun flooding in the window of my room and sat. Sat with a book, then my gaze was pulled out to look up at the limitless blue of sky and the book got put aside.
I could hear the surf crashing, the tui’s mad-dash flights as they tussled mid-air, and a hum of some bee wings. I couldn’t remember the last time I just sat. Still. Just me. Felt like such a luxury. I’ve been busy with what I termed a beautifully crowded life but seems since Jed was born I’ve been doing, doing, doing. Or in desperate need of sleep, or sharing my still moments with him. Which is so special but different somehow. Right now, riding this wave of serenity, I realise just how important rediscovering my own rhythm is.

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