rainy day thrifting and crafting

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a much needed pincushion… ignore that errant blue button, it was waiting to go onto another project.

I can’t see the horizon or the waves for the rain today. We’ve had a run of beautiful sunny winter days so no complaining from me. And anyway, its perfect weather for a swimming lesson, a good shuffle through the thrift shop, a lunch of avocado sushi with papa and a little crafting while Jed has a nap. SO grateful for those middle of the day naps!
With all the sewing going on around here deep into the night (project to be unveiled soon), one vital piece of sewing system was missing. A pincushion. Nana was right. They are indispensable. I did a search on sewmamasew and came up with this tutorial. It saved me from having to think too hard at 11pm when i’d been up since 5.30am. Thank goodness for that. Now, i am limited in my abilities to follow instructions precisely but i am happy with the result. I was thrilled it involved using a button. Another opportunity to use some of the old buttons in my collection! I used fabric scraps cut up small to stuff the cushion rather than buying synthetic stuffing. I was amazed at how many scraps it took to fill it. It was lumpier and a slightly different shape to what i’d imagined but I’d do it again for the satisfaction of recycling something that would otherwise be thrown away.

The morning’s thrifting:
Jed explored and then played with his finds at my feet, following me around while i fossicked.
One hand made feather cushion with cool floral cover(mama’s ‘treat’), one teeny metal whisk (jed’s ‘treat’), one metal spatula with wooden handle, three books with beautiful drawings, and one hairy mc clary puzzle (with all its pieces, we counted!) all for 6 dollars and 10 cents. Fabulous.

Thanks for the enthusiasm about Flashback Fridays – it’s, er, still on hold while i sort out this pesky scanner. Not for lack of material. Oh no… it’s been a full life so far.

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