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I am fresh from a parenting workshop. Not just any parenting workshop, oh no. Passionate about questioning our own childhood patterning and living mindfully, I organised Genevieve Simperingham to come down to West Auckland to give a talk in our wee west coast beach township and a full day workshop at Titirangi Beach. Check out her website, she’s got some excellent articles.

Parents are the most amazing of creatures aren’t they? As various women spoke during the day i was just gobsmacked all over again by the love and sheer frigging devotion of mama’s. What a treat to share workshop space with a diverse group brought together by their desire to learn and grow through parenting. Most important job in the world. (The oldest profession and terribly paid compared to the other oldest profession.)

A therapist and healer for years, Genevieve does great work, often co-facilitating workshops, with her partner Dan – building on attachment parenting she addresses what could be called democratic parenting or intuitive parenting. It’s simple, deep stuff. That babies and children have emotions and need their needs met. That children act out when they are out of balance and it’s our job to guide and support their emotional release so they can get back into balance. She calls us to become aware of what healing of old childhood wounds we parents need to do. Or put simply, ‘how not to squish your kid’. Oh, it’s good stuff, check it out!
Oh yup, the mamadom is certainly my spiritual path these days. I used to be terrified of the Buddhist precept ‘no escape’ and these days i live it daily. I have a great teacher.

I loved that gorgeous love rush of boy that hurled himself at me when i got home.

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