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I am very fond of vests. For myself, and now, inflicting them on small people. I find they are especially good for small people. Vests keep the chest and back warm and cosy while leaving those active arms uninhibited and free. No risk of overheating.
Sad thing is, i am not a knitter. I love handknitted stuff, i craft and sew up a storm but alas, am not a knitter. I have tried, really i have, and each patient teacher has kindly dissuaded me of any yarnlike aspirations. So, no knitting of vests by these fair hands.
But! I have found a way.
I love how this one turned out.

here’s what i started with

a vest in the making

the vest in action, it climbs rocks, plays in sand, bakes, gardens, explores slugs and snails, does craft projects, spills tea, runs alot and thinks hard. All this and it seems to repel water, block seawinds, be very warm and just wipes clean. Just what this mama ordered.

How to make a vest:
– Find an adult size secondhand wool jumper to recycle (i used a yummy blue angora)
– Felt it. Sounds fancy, but what i really mean is: put in washing machine on hot wash.
– You can use the existing seams or tweak it – i ended up using the shoulder seams and taking it in at the sides. I left enough room for growth and another warm shirt underneath.
– Step four: embellish. I got out my tin of old buttons and used a piece of the jumpers sleeve to fashion a big pocket. He loves the pocket. ‘LOVE pockets mama, more!’ I edged the pocket with a bright coloured cotton print to stop if from stretching out of shape.
Et voila!

I put it by the bed and was woken the next morning but Jed saying’ beautiful!’ and wanting to put it on immediately. Nice way to start the day.

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