New pants. Mama-made.

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It has been years since i had a sewing machine. I had let myself be convinced that our house was too small. I craved to make everything gorgeous under the sun for my boy when he was born and finally, finally, two months shy of him turning two….i have one! Well, it’s not mine, but it’s still darn exciting. I suspect only crafty mama’s understand the cartwheels and whoops of joy that it caused. You shoulda seen his eyes widen and mouth drop open…’mama has MACHINE’. Indeed!

In precious hours ‘off’ in the weekend i trawled secondhand shops and bargain bins for fabric (when did it get so expensive?) and while Jed was having a nap yesterday i made him some pants. Not just any pants, mama-made pants. Comfy, hardwearing, groovy pants that fit the chunky tall guy better than i could have hoped. The pattern i cobbled together using an old Kwik Sew pattern and adjusted by looking at pants i knew fitted him. This kid is usually clothed in op shop finds pretty much. ( I do love a good trawl.)
So satisfying to see him cavort in them today, their maiden day of puddlejumping, library visiting, running through fields, hand wiping and tumbling. Sigh.

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    I love making Arlo clothes – I have a growing library of patterns for various things. You should come over and trawl through them. Many have come from Gareth's mother, a sewer from the days you did actually have to make your kids clothes. It is sad that nowadays it is cheeper to buy clothes than make them often – the price of material and patterns are quite stupid. But then the advantage of sewing clothes for little kids is they don't need much fabric, so scraps from second hand places are great, and you get to practice making clothes for yourself ("oh, THAT'S how you make pants"….)

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