The Holi Mama’s are stirring

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I don’t know if i can say that i ‘belong’ to a group so informal as the West Auckland Holistic Mama’s.

Pregnant, moving out west from town and having co-parented before in intentional community (Twin Oaks Community), i knew i needed to meet likeminded mama’s nearby.
I went mama hunting. Yep. I shamelessly approached mama’s i felt attracted to (in that mama to mama sense you understand) in cafe’s, on the street and asked people if they knew anyone out west mothering ways i resonated with. I guess attachment parenting is the term being bandied about at the moment. I didn’t hear of it until well into Jedland but that comes close.

It was my sister who gave me Angel’s number. I jumped on the email list and went along to a Thursday morning hang. The only one with babe still brewing, i watched this magical lot of kids with sparkling eyes relate to their mamas in a beautifully respectful and fun way and i knew i’d come to the right place. I felt an affinity with the group as a whole and individual relationships have grown from there. It wasn’t just about the babies either. I liked that – there was room for the political me, the crafting me, the writer in me and plenty of good stories from the frontlines of mamahood and juicy LIFE in general. Whether you needed info on sleep stuff, the best organic veg box or seedlings, cloth nappy propaganda or groovy days out or just a ear…the mama’s were there. Wildflowers and cake arrived at my door one birthday when i was so exhausted from lack of sleep and tending a sick bubba i could hardly string together a sentence.

M’s gorgeous solstice birth day cake

Diverse and each committed to living their own truths and parenting in unique ways i am still grateful to them (and you know who you are) for opening their worlds to us. There is nothing like the feeling of solidarity. Especially when living oceans and seas away from my mama-tribes. Especially at 3am at the third breastfeed of the night and knowing other mama’s likely to be up too. These yummy mamas have known Jed pretty much all his life.

I love the tumble of bright colours, handknitted deliciousness, and good oldfashioned organic mess of fun and discovery that unfurls when we get together. Granted, sometimes it is hard to string together a full conversation as we manage the aforementioned organic mess of fun, but those wee snippets of conversation and connection feed me deeply.

And, shucks, hearing about mama’s long full days (some juggling longterm debilitating sickness with mindful mothering), I am just amazed, all over again, at how incredible mothers are. How blessed these children are. How they shine.

Headed out the door the other morning, my partner asked me what we were doing that day. I smiled and said ‘ the Holi Mama’s are stirring!’. We’ve been quiet and deep in our own lives awhile. Many a Thursday has passed without our circle adorning it’s morning. Brought back together this past week for the baby blessing and gorgeous one’s 2nd solstice birthday, i want more.

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