last night and this morning

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Winter sun, garden fun. Muddy puddles and jed cuddles. Yes, it is quite possible i have been reading too many children’s books lately. Although that little ditty does sum up the morning nicely.
There was an accident on the road last night. This, sadly, is not unusual. But it was a big one. The road was shut for hours. People were texting to check that we weren’t caught up in it. Half of our wee coastal ‘town’ was unable to get home and ended up camped at the cafe at the top of the Waitakere Ranges. A nice wee community moment was had with the random collection of people who found themselves stranded amid sober thoughts of what was going on up the road. Someone died. Jed overheard me say there’d been an accident between a car and a scooter last night, talking on the phone. He went off to get his boots and was headed for the door. I asked him where he was going and he said ‘Accident, mama. Big doof. Them need cuddle’.

He’s not 2 yet, his grasp of some contexts, his emotional intelligence (see Dan Goleman’s book of that title) and the language to express them astounds me sometimes.

My other thoughts ran to wondering about the world he dwells in. What a magical place we roam in. Where doof’s can be helped with cuddles and my mamaheart hurts a bit to think of the embracing of all the world ahead, in all it’s beauty and pain, joys and struggles ahead. I try not to label stuff as good or bad but hey, no mama likes to see their baby in pain. I wonder if that ever gets easier.

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