the last feijoa harvest cake

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for those who have yet to discover the joys of feijoa’s – they are the green oval fruits next to the other green oval fruits (grapes) and our organic ricebubble-honey-dried fruit thingies.

feijoa cake in the making
i’d post a picture of the finished product but the small one among us deleted it

I can be in denial about winter no longer. The basil plants are shadows of their former might and we’ve grovelled around the base of our feijoa trees for that last time this season. The wax-eyes and piwakawaka’s are having a blast flittering around harvesting the flying insects that have come to speed the composting of the fallen feijoas and the last feijoa cake is in the oven. My trusty assistant was at my elbow for the making of this cake. He added the magic ingredient while i wasn’t paying attention, his peppermint tea. Despite my comments at the time, it really worked!
I was away from NZ for about 16 years and one thing i missed was feijoa’s. I must’ve waxed lyrical about missing them as a friend carried two, carefully nestled into her backpack, from a trip to florida to me in Central Virginia. What a gift! The smell of them brought with it so many memories of childhood. I kept the empty skins on my altar, for oooh, probably a bit longer than i should have.
I found the recipe in the Sunday paper. I seem to be incapable of following one precisely (adjustments according to what ingredients i have/don’t have, last minute inspirational additions…) so here is the one i actually used. Give or take a magic ingredient.

Easy and most delicious feijoa cake:
125g butter, ¾ cup sugar (i used less), 2 eggs, 1 1/3 cups flour (i used a mix of white and wholemeal), 2 teaspoons baking powder, teeny pinch of salt, ½ cup coconut, a splash of vanilla essence, 1 grated apple, about 500g ripe feijoa’s skinned and chopped, 200g natural yoghurt.
You know the deal…mix ‘em.
Mixture should be quite thick and you can sprinkle Demerara sugar and ginger mix over the top before baking. Use a 22cm cake tin. It needs lining with baking paper (I didn’t and wished i did).
Bake 50 minutes then turn oven off and leave to sit in there for another hour – or overnight.
Delish! I do love cooking with fruits and veg from our very own garden.

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